Zohra Mrad //@mradzo

member of Zolei & B-SAAD

Visual artist & interaction designer

focusing on immersive, generative, sensitive experiences,
inviting a dialogue between the human experience (from feelings to politics) and technology.

I experiment with control and letting go, in order to transform the visitors/users into makers/creators. Collaborating with artists living in Africa, America and Europe led me to envision most of my digital and tangible experiences through the scope of sustainability, inclusion and movement.

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or write me an email at :
zohra.mradz [a] gmail.com

From my current scale, I do everything I can to create inclusive, sustainable and ecologically aware projects and supports. I act towards the world I want to live in.
My political engagements dye my process as well as the final results, may it be an artistic installation or a design solution. You can find more informations here (if you have 17 minutes to read an article).

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